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No relationship comes without periods of difficulty and conflicts. However, when it becomes a recurring problem it can leave you feeling exhausted, burnt out and resentful of one and other and of yourself. Relationships constantly shift and evolve over time which can be impacted by everyday stresses, changes in our personal circumstances or societal changes.

I offer face to face and on online psychological therapy for the following challenges that you may be facing as a couple including:

• Interpersonal conflicts and communication difficulties
• Feeling stuck in a rut in your relationship
• Loss of intimacy and difficulties with your sex life
• Working through an affair
• Lifestyle changes, for example the arrival of children or adjustment to retirement
• Loss of self -esteem and confidence within the relationship

Ultimately at the heart of my work is working with you as the couple to identify what it is you both want together to move forward, whatever the path ahead looks like.

Cannon Psychology, Couple Holding Hands
Cannon Psychology, Couple and Jigsaw Piece

As a couple, you can put pressure on how you think a relationship should be without sometimes thinking about what works for you as the couple. I have an interest in working with communication difficulties amongst couples and interpersonal difficulties. I appreciate that relationship therapy might seem daunting for you, but I offer a safe, open and sensitively challenging space where the main focus is on working on your relationship and where both parties feel supported and heard in therapy.

I have undertaken additional specialised training in relational therapy for couples and other relationships which has equipped me to work with the complexities and dynamics that relationships present. I take an affirmative approach to my work and I work with all sexualities and all relationship set ups.

Couples bring their own relationship history, experiences, values and belief systems into their relationship and these are often not spoken about and they can change and evolve over time. I work with couples to identify what patterns of behaviour they might be falling into. I offer practical tools which can help take the heat out of conflicts and enable you to get to a place where you can work together.

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The FAQ’s should give you a good guide to everything you need to know about Cannon Psychology, but please do get in contact with me if you need any more help or information.

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